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Accounting and Financial Consulting

Accounting and Financial Consulting

Your growing business needs a professional accounting team who can both overlook your books and give you expert advice. Eclipse Accounting and Tax provides just the help. Shannon Sheridan is an Enrolled Agent in Palm Harbor offering experienced accounting and financial consulting services to business owners operating across Pinella County.

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Professional Accounting and Business Services

As your client-base expands, the value of your time grows. You should spend less effort managing your company’s finances and instead improve its operations, products, and services. Hiring a team skilled in accounting alleviates the burden of having to compile and analyze data on your company’s earnings, expenses, assets, and liabilities. Eclipse Accounting and Tax enhances efficient accounting processes and generates comparison reports to help you stay on top of your company’s financial health.

Hiring an EA ensures you remain compliant during tax season while accurately recording your enterprises’ books throughout the year. As a certified tax and accounting expert, Shannon makes sure business owners legally reduce tax liabilities while obtaining the maximum number of credits and deductions.

Eclipse Accounting and Tax helps business owners:

  • Save time and money
  • Oversee your financial operations
  • Compile accurate data and reports
  • Come up with new ideas
  • Actualize your financial goals
  • Grow your business

Your Personalized Business Consultant in Palm Harbor

Business owners often face several obstacles when taking on new avenues of growth. Even well-established companies can have a hard time making sense of their reports, often making mistakes as they manage more day-to-day operations. Inaccurate information can cost companies time, resources, and a myriad of missed opportunities.

As your personal accounting and financial consultant, we evaluate your decision-making process and ensure you have the necessary data to develop actionable strategies towards your business’s future. We look at your company’s history and suggest adjustments to financial processes accordingly. We provide comparative market analysis and develop solutions to improve your business’s back-office operations.

Advanced QuickBooks Accounting Software

Eclipse Accounting and Tax helps businesses install QuickBooks software into their accounting process and troubleshoots any details necessary to streamline your bookkeeping  process. This improves data tracking and allows our company to stay abreast of any issues that become present while we review your numbers.

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Eclipse Accounting and Tax is devoted to helping companies improve their bottom line. We help business owners manage their accounting department while providing experienced business advice. Call our firm and schedule a consultation to explore our option packages.

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